Wine poured!

On a whim, I checked if WINEPOURED.COM or WINEPOURED.ORG were available domains. Both were! I bought them! But… now what?


As I sat around the St. Louis homestead over Christmas, I decided to experiment with a blog. Not so wordy as my Mad in Pursuit pages, but more than my Facebook image + wisecrack style. And I need to expand my social media presence beyond Facebook.

It will be very much a work in progress for a while. Who knows what will come of it, but do take the extra click and play along with me. Stay tuned. And, oh yeah, wine poured.

[For archives of previous online work, start here at Mad in Pursuit.]

3 thoughts on “Wine poured!

    1. My daily indulgence is Black Box Pinot Grigio (with occasional forays into Sauvignon Blanc). Splurge: Santa Margarita or Luisa Pinot Grigio. Occasionally, a French Pouilly-Fuissé for fun. Trying to drink more red in the cold weather (which I drink at a slower pace). I’m not a wine connoisseur by any means.


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