Wine poured!

On a whim, I checked if WINEPOURED.COM or WINEPOURED.ORG were available domains. Both were! I bought them! But… now what?


As I sat around the St. Louis homestead over Christmas, I decided to experiment with a blog. Not so wordy as my Mad in Pursuit pages, but more than my Facebook image + wisecrack style. And I need to expand my social media presence beyond Facebook.

It will be very much a work in progress for a while. Who knows what will come of it, but do take the extra click and play along with me. Stay tuned. And, oh yeah, wine poured.

[For archives of previous online work, start here at Mad in Pursuit.]

3 Replies to “Wine poured!”

  1. Been meaning to ask, what wine do you normally pour?
    And what is your no expense spared splurge???


    1. My daily indulgence is Black Box Pinot Grigio (with occasional forays into Sauvignon Blanc). Splurge: Santa Margarita or Luisa Pinot Grigio. Occasionally, a French Pouilly-Fuissé for fun. Trying to drink more red in the cold weather (which I drink at a slower pace). I’m not a wine connoisseur by any means.


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