Work in progress: motif design

I’m enjoying going through my old drawings and books for design motifs. Coming soon is a Spoonflower challenge on the theme of pysanky, the Ukranian art of egg dyeing. To produce a pysanka, the design is drawn in wax before the egg is painted or dyed, so that the fine lines in the final product […]

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Motion over still

7:29 a.m. 0°F. Dawn brings the answer: moving water plays havoc with frozen water. Our once-solid ice bank has been carved out by the night’s wave action. I’m enjoying a fine cup of coffee.

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Cold but not polar

9° F. (-12° C.) As the wind picks up, the waves are crashing over our shelf of ice. I keep watching to see whether the ice shelf will be built up or broken down by the wave action. Meantime, it’s mesmerizing, especially with a little sunshine and a few fluffs of cloud. I did dig […]

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How to dye with snow, part 2

Continuing from yesterday — After about 18 hours, my layer cake of shirt, snow, and dye looked like this: I have seen instructions to put the textile on top of a screen so that the dye drips through. This may result in sharper patterns and more delineation among the colors, but I’m not sure. Cold […]

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How to dye with snow, part 1

I needed a break from my computer screen and virtual designs, so I’m returning to a fun way to memorialize our January snowfall — snow dyeing. I picked out a white, thrift-store shirt for the project. Here’s the process if you want to give it a try. Like everything I do, it’s a production. Allow […]

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Strange forms on the edge

A wall of ice is building up along the lake’s edge as the temperatures remain cold and wave action tosses chunks up onto the surface. Depending on structures below (?) and possibly drainage from the shore, little fiords open up for added interest. Arctic cool. The sun is shining, so I had to get a […]

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Garden party at sunset

Spoonflower challenge: a design limited to four specific colors — Goldenrod (#E0B138), Midnight Blue (#002E54), Coral (#FA7268 – ASE Color of the Year hex code), Gray (#D9D9D6). My reaction: ew. Oh well. I pulled a motif from my library and gave her a mysterious friend: opposite but the same. A bird looks on. Others designers […]

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Mini-thaw is over

We had some rain and a slight thaw — enough to dig out a better path between porch and car before it all turns into icy hardpack. I don’t like Jim trekking out to the newspaper box over a hazardous surface, so I get my boots and crampons on. While I’m out, might as well […]

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Good old Lucy

When I fell in love with making videos (circa 2003), I was a one-woman production studio — writer, actor, sound engineer, animator. I committed to telling some stories from a youthful point of view, so I learned how to modify my voice recording to make it sound like I was 12. Lucy was born. She […]

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Arctic blast continues

At first light this morning, I could see that our ice shelf was re-forming, congealing in the 3-degree air and strong winds out of the northwest. I had to go outside to get the paper (through the path I luckily dug yesterday), so took another picture from the porch. Now — hot coffee poured!

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