“Headlong” $.99 This Week

If you’re in the mood for a short, punchy memoir about normally sensible middle-aged people taking insane risks on a Central Asian roadtrip, HEADLONG is on sale for $.99 this week at Amazon (and also at Amazon.co.uk). Easy-to-read Kindle version will keep you company on the go.

I published this tale last year to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the trip. Jim and I were unmarried at the time and ready for some adventure. Spoiler alert: we lived happily ever after.

Here are a few photos to supplement the text:

4 Replies to ““Headlong” $.99 This Week”

  1. This new website of yours is going to be such fun to follow. I decided to check in this morning just for “fun” and there was an invitation to reacquaint myself with your inspiring & creative travel memoir of last year! “Headlong”! I checked Amazon…Oh…I already had it on my phone kindle. “Joe”, I said. “Look at Susan and Jim on the cover of Susan’s Book.” He looked and laughed as the two of you are so young…the cover just grabbed him. I flicked to the first page on my kindle. “You should read it”, I said. “Susan and Jim had quite the daring and actually dangerous travel adventure in the Far East.” He started reading…then he was chuckling…then after a few comments marveling at your words and situations, he was quiet… gone from me…gone with you both into the Himalayan Mountains and China. He hasn’t even turned a football or basketball game on yet. And I don’t have a phone.

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  2. Joe just finished reading your whole book…sitting quietly for the last 3 hours. To my question of “What did you think”, he immediately exclaimed “Fantastic”, followed by “Tremendous Job! Very interesting! I really enjoyed it. It’s a big deal – a huge piece of work – with so much research and documentation about other countries and ethnicities; really quite a ‘piece of work’.” As you see I busily scribbled his words, trying to capture his enthusiasm. I knew you would enjoy his admiration.

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