When Your Groove is Gone

S-Curves of Life
S-Curves of Life

I was going to tell you about this online curriculum I signed up for, but I wound up pulling out my diagram of the S-curves of Life.* This is the graphic that reminds us that all our endeavors are riddled with disruptions — no straight lines to success. Comfort zones are temporary. Chaotic transitions are inevitable.

The acrobatic trick is to find the beginning of a new s-curve, without quite knowing where the hell it is.

And the beginning of the next s-curve is like “what fresh hell is this?”** You’ve totally lost your groove and you feel like an idiot.

It took me well into middle age to recognize that I was simply in a new learning zone. Uncomfortable by definition. So easy to get stuck there, depressed and fatalistic. This applies to every aspect of life, but I’m thinking of creative projects in particular. It sounds trite as I write it, but if you stick with the process, there will be a breakthrough. You’ll get your groove back.

Sometimes truisms are true. Look, I’m the one who thought “keep your eye on the ball” was just a figure of speech. How long did it take me to figure out that, in sports, I had to actually keep the eyes in my head focused on the literal ball rocketing in my direction? We learn…


** as Dorothy Parker would say

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