My Fabric Design Saga

2014. I was all-in on textiles, dyeing, and stitching. Somewhere I heard about Spoonflower (print-on-demand DIY fabric) and (looking at piles of sketches and years of studying Photoshop and Illustrator) thought I can do that! And, yes, I could. Lookout for Attitude in four colorways sprang forth.

But then I was seduced by the vibrance of indigo and Procion MX dyeing. Much to my surprise, I loved dabbling in chemistry.

Years passed.

2018. Summer. On CreativeLive, I spotted Pattern Design: From Hand to Screen to Surface with Molly Hatch, on sale. Molly pulled me back in and I went on to take Bonnie Christine’s Design Surface Patterns from Scratch, which was more in-depth. Meanwhile, I listened to Abby Glassenberg’s interview with designer Jen Hewett. Hewett does block printing on fabric and achieved her mastery by doing one new print every week for 52 weeks, come hell or high water.

Another of my recent online teachers Zoe Hong, who teaches fashion illustration (and much more), says mastery of a craft is about “Practice, not Magic.” Got it.

So I promised myself to do one design a week and to enter as many Spoonflower challenges as kept me learning. So far, so good.

2019. Next step. After seeing recommendations on the Facebook Surface Pattern Design Community, I joined the Textile Design Lab. Courses. Community. Connections. The lab is geared toward catapulting graphic designers into the competitive surface design marketplace.

Next: What the heck am I doing in workshops aimed at commercial achievement? (Stay tuned… I’m still figuring this out)

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