Old dogs, new tricks

Question: Who do I think I am signing up for courses at the Textile Design Lab, among all those young and talented graphic designers? [Continuing from Jan 12, 2019]

Well, why do old people sign up for marathons, knowing they will never break out of the pack to win a race, not even “for their age group”? If it were just about fitness, they’d be trotting around their local park with a pal. No, these geezers have something to prove to themselves — and to the world.

Same for me.

For the design and consumer community: I have a bazillion years of skill development. I still have something to contribute on the public stage (and wouldn’t mind some validation for it either).

For my friends: old dogs can learn new tricks. If I can do it, so can you! And if learning new tricks bumps you out of your comfort zone, your brain will be sharper and your life more vibrant for it.

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