Motifs. Oy.

Taking a Textile Design Lab course Surface Pattern Design Mastery. One of the first exercises is to develop a “dictionary” of motifs that can be used, reused, and modified for future designs. Cool idea. The categories were Floral/Leaves, Geometric, Texture, and Whatever. One week to complete.

Floral. I have avoided floral designs because… how can I compete? How can I be uniquely SBP? I soldiered on. The top 3 I got from a Craftsman-style book; middle 3 I tried to get from my photos; bottom 3 I was just like, this is stupid. The last one is the only “SBP.” [Yes, I see “leafs.”]

Geometrics. This was more fun. I like #3, maybe because it looks like pizza.

Textures. I had fun with turning letters into texture. I was getting wierd by the last one.

Whatever. Here is where I wanted to put my little figures, my “Susanakins.” I wanted to work on pushing myself from “kids’ pajamas” to “New Yorker avant-garde.” Oh well, I ran out of time for transitioning into greatness. Maybe next week.

Wine poured.

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