Color palettes and paper dolls

This week’s lesson at the Textile Design Lab had me digging into color themes. I wanted more than a strip of 5 squares as my presentation, so I fell back on my ancient love of paper dolls. Designing clothes for paper dolls was my hobby well after other girls had tossed theirs away (but, believe me, no one who saw my work encouraged me to go into fashion design).

As you can see, I gravitate toward a muted palette. Too bright looks garish to my eyes; too pastel looks old-lady-ish or kawaii.

Process Notes.

  • Scanned hand-drawing into .tif format
  • Placed .tif drawing into Adobe Illustrator (AI) and used trace function to get a line drawing.
  • Cleaned up rough spots in AI and made sure all areas I wanted to color had closed edges.
  • Copied figure 4 times
  • Used Live Color to apply color. Added a 50% gray rectangle as background.
  • Copied figures to new layer and switched out color themes. AI makes it easy. Here’s a YouTube video to explain how: How to Use Recolor Art Work in Adobe Illustrator.

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