Good old Lucy

When I fell in love with making videos (circa 2003), I was a one-woman production studio — writer, actor, sound engineer, animator. I committed to telling some stories from a youthful point of view, so I learned how to modify my voice recording to make it sound like I was 12. Lucy was born. She provided voiceovers for several short videos and I loved her like a daughter.

I crafted this visual of Lucy for a short video about going to the local zoo. She felt like my true Lucy — eyes open in wonder, jaw dropped, and arms outreached to the world. She carries a messenger bag full of supplies, prepared for any adventure that comes her way.

Long story about that stupid zoo video, but for 15 years since then, Lucy has lived quietly in my “cartoon figures” folder.

Today she has another shot at stardom as the featured motif in my Textile Design Lab course assignment (“tossed layout: Photoshop”). I scattered her wholehearted figure across my canvas and learned how to use the Color Replacement Tool. And I gave her a scribbled background.

Lucy is probably a good symbol for that girl in me who spent too much time alone with my dolls and my books, that girl who would rather fantasize and conjure a world into existence (and learn every Adobe program to make it real) instead of asking anyone for help.

Wine poured.

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