Work in progress: motif design

I’m enjoying going through my old drawings and books for design motifs. Coming soon is a Spoonflower challenge on the theme of pysanky, the Ukranian art of egg dyeing. To produce a pysanka, the design is drawn in wax before the egg is painted or dyed, so that the fine lines in the final product are white (or a base color).

I was studying one of Jim’s oriental carpet books, thinking their traditional motifs would make a cool pysanka-like design. But then I stumbled on an old doodle, sketched in 2013 and (long story short) reversed in Photoshop to make the lines white.

[2013 doodle by SBP]

Ah! Might be a very-Susan motif to work on. So, I placed the sketch in Illustrator, drew some circles as guides, and went to work tracing it with the Blob Tool. Added some color.

[2019 motif by SBP]

So far, so good. Now to see how it might fit into a layout. And maybe play with different colors,

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