Designing for energy

I’m focusing on fabric design this winter as a practice. Like some people play games or do sports, I design because it’s fun and has beneficial social and psychological side effects. I’m in it for the process, not the product.

But, as always, I take myself seriously. Stretching does not mean scrambling to the top of Spoonflower challenges — especially since I’m no good at figuring out how to be popular. I’m just me. So what does stretching mean in this practice?

I decided to take a cue from fine artists who express powerful emotions in their work. I love expressionism — from the influence of Van Gogh to Kandinsky and Pollack. The interesting thing is that when I look into expressionism and abstract expressionism, I find artists deeply influenced by spiritual movements.

I’m definitely missing that element. How do I get there?

Baby steps. Color first, I think. Meandered back to thinking about personal energy — not exactly the cosmos, but I’m no good at leaping. I scootch.

I found some expressionistic art online and matched up the color palette with my three “moods”: vibrant, quiet, and fierce.

The wind was howling outside, so I added “dance with the wind” (vibrant), “surrender to the wind” (quiet), and “BE the wind” (fierce).

I added my dolls, wearing their oversized Ts in one of my “textures.” Don’t know if I’m any closer to cosmic consciousness, but I’m having fun.

Wine poured.

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