“Be the Change”

My design classes and challenges are very immersive. I’m not too swift coming up with new ideas, so I continue to dig into my old image files. This week took me back elements I made for a 1-minute animation back in 2008: “Be the Change.” I had to go look at it again on YouTube. […]

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“Desert Wanderer”

My 13th Spoonflower Challenge entry is on the theme of Desert Modernism. The challenge is being held in conjunction with the Modern Phoenix organization. Personally, I was over mid-century modern by 1967, but undoubtedly desert modernism represents a classic era in Arizona architecture and interior design. I thought my best route to success here was […]

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Reckoning: a humble start

You hear about artists and entertainers “bursting upon the scene” as if they just picked up a brush or a guitar and their genius gushed out. You want to be that person. You walk on stage unrehearsed because you’re confident the magic will happen. Haha. I started doing Spoonflower challenges because, if I want to […]

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Lake Ontario nightglow

4 A.M. The moon won’t rise till 6:01 and the first pre-dawn glimmer won’t appear till 5:47. And yet, above the faint orange streaks of Canada light pollution, the horizon glows. I guess it’s nightglow (or airglow), an atmospheric phenomenon. The physics of it escape me, but I love its bright mystery. I saw it […]

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