Pillowcase revival

I love working with natural-fiber textiles because they are always game for transformation. They can be colored, patched, turned into quilts, bleached out, overdyed, painted, and relayered into precious new cloth. And, unlike so much art, textiles have purpose. They go to work keeping us warm and turning our abodes into comfortable and pleasing homes. But, like art, they also help us to make statements about who we are.

Our pillowcases were looking sad. They were colored in dye projects of yesteryear, but a couple of them had grown exceptionally dingy. The snow yesterday inspired another round of ice-dying. I went out on a limb and tried a color palette different from my usual “shades of blue, with a dash of green.”

Two were done on plain ivory pillowcases I had around; two were the dingiest from our bed. They turned out yummy.

snow-dye pillowcases, March 2019
snow-dye pillowcases, March 2019

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