Bullet journal, not pretty

I’m fascinated by Bullet Journals. From what I gather on YouTube, they gloriously combine calendar, note-taking, reminders, goal reviews, and art journalling in one gorgeous, playing-with-my-new-pens package.

This winter, when my digital apps failed to let me lay out a week’s work, I decided to go old-fashioned and use paper. But turning an organizer system into its own art work (week after week after week) was a recipe for failure. I’m a doodler, but I don’t embellish.

So here’s the system that’s working for me: I put a pretty cover on an 8 x 4 notebook, drew a couple week-grids in, and began. I can lay out a week and check things off as they happen. If I’m watching a how-to video I can take notes. The phone rings — I flip it over and jot down the message. Everything is ephemeral — I dont’ have to worry about archiving or indexing. Sticky notes work if I need a tab. Occasionally, I tear out a page and paste it in my permanent notebook.

Yeah, I keep a permanent notebook, 8-1/2 x 11, where I do reflections and reviews (with or without doodles) as part of my wake-up ritual. That’s deep. That’s private.

And I haven’t given up my phone-based calendar. Having escaped from the rat race, I need loud alarms reminding me what’s on the official agenda.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share this in case you’d like a more visual and tactile way of staying focused, but can’t muster the commitment to gorgeousness.

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