Mergansers on Lake Ontario

I think of days like today as “white days,” when the sky is bright but overcast and the horizon disappears. Everything is calm and pale-pearly gray. The mergansers (diving ducks) dot the waters. Boy mergansers are still chasing and showing off for the girl mergansers. Soon, with the onset of boat traffic, they’ll migrate to somewhere more peaceful for nesting.

It’s impossible to get a good photo of them with my camera. They are too far away. If — like today, when the water is high — they swim close to shore, the least human sound or movement sends them scurrying away. Or, as soon as you think you got one lined up, they dive out of sight.

There were so many today, I gave it another try from our porch and got some blurry takeoffs.

Lake Ontario, mergansers
Lake Ontario mergansers

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