Thoughts on knives

First thought: guy stuff. Keep it in the man cave.

Second thought: useful tool. Where would civilization be without sharp-edged tools for cutting, chopping, slicing, carving, etc.?

Third thought: power object. This gallery of Jim’s collection shows knives, daggers, and swords that are as beautiful as they are useful. They are the product of centuries of metallurgy to make them technically effective. But they are also the product of an artisan’s hand, incorporating all the symbolism a hero needs to bolster his or her bravery. Some, like the kerises from Sumatra and Java, boast great powers of their own and are passed down in families for generations.

Art, especially high craftsmanship, makes a weapon (or any power object) astonishing to behold. It confers status and confidence, which is often interpreted as magic. Think about that.

(Click on the images below for a slideshow. Some of the captions don’t show up — my superpowers have failed me — but you get the idea.)

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