Summer Hyperactivity Disorder

It’s crazy. Every impulse has me dashing from garden to computer to kitchen to copy stand. I always have work-in-progress on every surface, but summer expands the “surfaces” to include all of outdoors. Plus, I’m trying to add variety to our plant-based diet by experimenting with new foods and new recipes.

Winter brought long weeks of artful learning — nothing to do but create fabric designs as I stared out the window at shore birds and ice formations. Spring brought disastrous flooding, desperate measures to prevent further bank erosion, and the need to rivet my attention on something absorbing every time the wind picked up in order not to lose my mind. And we joined the Y.

Now it’s mid-July and my mind/body is running is all directions. Getting things done, yet feeling like I’m accomplishing nothing. You know that feeling?

I decided to diagram everything on my mind this week. Not back-burner, perennial projects like catching up on family history or scanning those report cards from grade school — just things that commanded my attention and got me dashing to and fro.


Ah, yes. Everything-all-at-once. So… now to put it in some kind of order.

  • What has to come before what? I can’t make a shirt till I’ve dyed some of that linen I bought and have a pattern I can use.
  • What do I need to do when the weather is good? What can I do when it’s crappy?
  • What has to be done before it’s cold again?
  • What should I do when my mind is fresh and nimble (in the morning)? What can I do while braindead in front of the TV?
  • What do I have to grit my teeth and make phone calls about?
  • How do I forget it all and just enjoy gorgeous weather and my darling hubby?

Wine poured.

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