Focus: Dive into Dyeing

One cure for Summer Hyperactivity Disorder is to devote multi-hour chunks to a single project — go deep, get it to a logical stopping point before veering off to the next shiny object.

For months I’ve been planning to make a simple shirt from hand-dyed linen. I have the linen. I have the pattern. But my wheels have been spinning.

Good start: reorganized my work space to free up a work table. On it now is my experimental yard of linen, soaked in soda-ash solution, dried, and ironed.

Table prepped for experiment of painting dye on linen

Onward! Mixing Procion MX dyes involves consulting the books, color choices, chemistry, and math. Good exercises for the aging brain.

A couple hours got me a rainbow of colors. Enough for one afternoon.

Until tomorrow, wine poured.

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