Dye Painting. Meh.

Today was doodle day on my experimental yard of linen. I went through my winter sketchbooks and found some great motifs. I followed instructions for making “complex colors” (adding complements to primaries — blue + orange, red + green, yellow + purple). My blank canvas was ready.

Blank canvas: 1 yd prepared linen

I was surprised that my thin dye mixtures held a painted line. I didn’t need to add thickener. But the colors were not as vibrant as I’m used to with Procion MX dyes. Lots of soft greens, golds, and russets. Adding black to the mixtures helped, but still… underwhelmed. And my designs were so-so.

Round 1 result. Meh.

That’s what experiments are for (I tell myself). I sprayed it with water and rolled it up to “batch” (dye molecules bonding with fabric) overnight. Tomorrow’s another day. In textile work, there are no failures, only layers. All it takes is patience.

Wine poured.

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