Permission to play

I want to live an enchanted art life. But real life (RL) interferes. Phone calls must be made. Bills, paid. Business emails, sent. Shit, arranged. I usually let these pile up till I have a conscience attack on a Friday afternoon, but then figure “I’ll do it all first thing Monday morning. Swear.”

This past Monday I had accumulated quite a list. Torture of phone calls vs torture of “things left undone”? I chose the phone calls. By noon my RL issues were all caught up with. Ahhhhhh!

My mind could drift back to textile projects. I could play! Because the air was cool, I decided to work on my rubber stamp carving out on the porch. I want to stamp some designs on textiles I’m working on, but I don’t really have the knack of either carving or getting clean images off my stamps.

I do finally have a lovely carving medium: EZ printing blocks from Dick Blick. And I’m getting the hang of the Speedball lino-cutters I’ve had forever. I pulled out an Exacto knife (no. 11 blade) and a few odd “dental tools” from my polymer clay kit. In business!

Challenge: keep it simple. Squares, circles, triangles, crosses. Let’s see where this leads.

Wine poured.

Tool kit for carving stamps. Summer afternoon.

2 Replies to “Permission to play”

  1. Yes, life gets in the way, but like you I decided summer is going by and I have to take time to play, relax. Getting some of my “have to’s” done and ordered 4 books for summer reading out in the hammock for August! I better get started: Principles, A Stranger On The Beach, One True Loves, and The Simple Wild. Wish me luck!


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