Indigo Batik, Round 3

One more t-shirt for Jim. Another length of experimental linen. Zeroing in on soy wax as my go-to resist, djanting as my go-to applicator. For this round, I dipped my two items in the indigo pot three times each. More dips is how you get deeper color with indigo.

Djanting lying on cold soy wax in the melting pot


I’m trying to be more expressive with my freehand doodles, but I got carried away. On the front, two women discuss philosophy (a little guy looks askance at them). On the back, my woman is watering her garden (and filling her lake) with tears. Definitely grooving into a style here, but it’s not exactly guy-working-out-at-the-gym fashion… but, come to think of it, maybe it is old art-collector guy-with-personal-trainer fashion. (Click on gallery below for larger images.)

Linen “scarf”

A single layer of lightweight linen laid on parchment paper was easier to work on than the heavy cotton tee. No narrative here, just practice. Some lines were too delicate and got overrun by the dye. (Click on the gallery below for larger images.) I tried dipping my newly carved stamps into the wax and applying them to a second length of linen, but I just got big blobs.

Finishing. My washing machine has a “Sanitize” setting, which uses very hot water, and a “Water Plus” option. This washes out the soy wax perfectly.


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