God hypothesis

How can I make this work? I’d like to claim a spot among Believers because it’s November and a lovely time to sense a consciousness within the blustering wind, the roiling waters, and the flying leaves.

I want to escape the patriarchal God metaphors of childhood, but I do want a personable God, someone who is aware of me. In turn, I think I already enjoy kind of an everyday buzz of awareness of Someone. Advancement to an occasional moment of ecstatic connection is a goal I could go for.

I’m suspicious of “doing business” with God. Bargaining and asking for favors cheapens the whole relationship, don’t you think? (Like visiting your grandma only because you know she’ll give you five bucks.) Problem-solving is a human responsibility. Overcoming evil, preventing tragedies, ending wars — human challenges.

Thanks to the recommendation of my sister Ellen, I’ve been watching Richard Rohr videos. His Franciscan “alternate orthodoxy” allows for God to be inherent in all things, instead of just out there.


Now I’m back to Martin Buber’s “I and Thou.”

Of course. God is YOU. If I quiet my mind and open my heart, God’s voice joins a conversation with an old friend, sings softly to me in the garden, and whispers a story when I examine a work of art. And maybe in my hands when I’m in a maker trance.

Once I’m past the thrill of knowing that, I see the challenges. First, how do I tune my psychic radio to the right stations, with fine adjustments to heart, mind, and body? Also, understanding that God is the You in everything imposes an obligation. If there is God-awareness in every interaction, then I have a duty to exercise compassion and stewardship. I can’t hate. I can’t disrespect. I can’t be careless.

Well, that’s quite a chunk of theology for one morning. Time for another cup of coffee.

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