Photos, Dolls, Thoughts Unspoken

I picked up a used book on dolls [1]. The black and white photos by fashion photographer Hermann Landshoff surprised me. They weren’t staged fantasies, yet they had a pictorialist, subjective feel. The captions by Carl Fox were filled with appropriate facts, but also addressed what the dolls were feeling as they posed.

It made me want to experiment. The idea coincides with my thoughts on the spirit in things and my views on the need for conversation among beings of diverse backgrounds. I and Thou.

So… a series. Black and white. Smart phone camera. Minimum of fuss. Don’t overthink.

However, now that I’ve tried a few, I’m not sure whether to let the photos speak for themselves or to outfit them with a story. Maybe just a title would be better? What do you think?

“It’s been a long week.”

Fang head (Gabon, Africa) and Burmese woman. Both carved from wood.

“Let me just sit with you for awhile.”

Tara figurine (Nepal, bronze cast) with polymer clay creation

“Explain it to me again.”

Polymer clay creation with cast bronze Buddha figurine (Tibet)

“Waiting to Be Woke.”

Buddhist Daruma carving (Japan) with Ashanti Akuaba (fertility) doll (Ghana)


Frankart bronze head (U.S.A.) with homemade felt doll Dash


[1] The Doll. Text by Carl Fox. Photos by H. Landshoff. Harry N. Abrams, 1973 (New Shorter Edition).

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