Afghanistan: coins on a shoestring

287 Afghanistan coin necklace

The impulse to beautify ourselves is innate to humans. As soon as we figured out how to drill holes in shells and twist plant fiber into string, we began wearing necklaces. And clever as we are, we also began repurposing everyday items into adornment. Here's an example. This 20" necklace from Afghanistan was constructed on… Continue reading Afghanistan: coins on a shoestring

Enigma 243: bone and shell bib necklace

Twenty years or so ago, Jim brought this necklace home, from one of the Rochester shops on his rounds, probably from a dealer who got her merchandise from regional estate sales. It is an elaborate, multi-strand bib-style construction, with a long counterbalancing back piece. 243 We sort of assumed it was African, but didn't fit… Continue reading Enigma 243: bone and shell bib necklace

Enigma 137: circle-dot bones

I have these bone beads. When I hold them, the bones make a sensuous clacking sound. Against a strong light, they are translucent. Each is inscribed with lines and circle-dot motifs, front and back. They remind me of some kind of ancient dominoes, but are more likely shamanic -- meant for divination or for healing.… Continue reading Enigma 137: circle-dot bones