Japan #1847: drawing, calligraphy, oh my

This is a marvel: a hand-drawn manuscript for a small Japanese book by Utagawa Yashitora, an ukiyo-e print artist who (among other things) published over a hundred books during his active years, 1850-1880. With brush and ink, the artist tells his story of "Revenge at Igaguye" on 5 x 7 in. pages of rice paper.… Continue reading Japan #1847: drawing, calligraphy, oh my

#1850 Japanese Album

About four years ago, when I thought I'd finished inventorying and cataloging Jim's better collections, we opened one last drawer in his study -- the drawer where he kept trinkets and curios he used for gifts. Beneath the parrot brooches and the scuba-diver toys, we found a few "lost" treasures, including this one -- 25… Continue reading #1850 Japanese Album

Rosetsu: Boy on Elephant

Nagasawa Rosetsu, late 18th c. detail

Between winter cocoon projects and outdoor summer projects, while workers buzz and grind their way through our bathroom upgrade, I putter around in the files and come upon the little stack of catalogues where Jim's stuff has been exhibited -- back in some superheated era before I arrived on the scene and Jim retreated into… Continue reading Rosetsu: Boy on Elephant