Reckoning: a humble start

You hear about artists and entertainers “bursting upon the scene” as if they just picked up a brush or a guitar and their genius gushed out. You want to be that person. You walk on stage unrehearsed because you’re confident the magic will happen. Haha. I started doing Spoonflower challenges because, if I want to […]

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Old dogs, new tricks

Question: Who do I think I am signing up for courses at the Textile Design Lab, among all those young and talented graphic designers? [Continuing from Jan 12, 2019] Well, why do old people sign up for marathons, knowing they will never break out of the pack to win a race, not even “for their […]

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One Word for 2019

My craft-oriented podcasts tend to be focused now on goals for 2019. On a few (such as Elise Joy #154), I’ve heard the suggestion to choose ONE WORD that will remind you of your best intentions for the year ahead and that will help keep you centered. In fact, Ali Edwards has created a whole […]

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Wine poured!

On a whim, I checked if WINEPOURED.COM or WINEPOURED.ORG were available domains. Both were! I bought them! But… now what? As I sat around the St. Louis homestead over Christmas, I decided to experiment with a blog. Not so wordy as my Mad in Pursuit pages, but more than my Facebook image + wisecrack style. […]

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