“Gotta Go” fabric design

I've been laboring away in a course called "The Sellable Sketch." I reached the point where I picked out (1) a style I aspired to ("flowing"), (2) a current trend in fashion ("natural textures"), and (3) an end-user (long-story-short "cosmopolitan"). The challenge now: design a fabric collection -- three or more designs that "go together."… Continue reading “Gotta Go” fabric design

Pillowcase revival

snow-dyed pillow cases, march 2019

I love working with natural-fiber textiles because they are always game for transformation. They can be colored, patched, turned into quilts, bleached out, overdyed, painted, and relayered into precious new cloth. And, unlike so much art, textiles have purpose. They go to work keeping us warm and turning our abodes into comfortable and pleasing homes.… Continue reading Pillowcase revival

Sketchbooks, art journals

Ambition. Improve my drawing. Not to be realistic, but to be expressive, with fluid and confident lines. Method. Be disciplined about a sketch-a-day challenge? I keep trying , but I quickly descend into silliness and give up. And I've always been too intimidated by the prospect of an "art" journal. by J-M Basquiat Rumination. I… Continue reading Sketchbooks, art journals

Wisdom from my foremothers

After delving into the stories of my ancestor-women, I saw that these stout-hearted, independent souls had given me the gift of their practical wisdom. I think of it as "moxie." Use your head.Lean into the longing.Never be a martyr to a mortifying situation.Throw your arms around uncertainty.Don't listen to fools.Trust your noble heart.Move your feet… Continue reading Wisdom from my foremothers