Indigo Batik, Round 3

One more t-shirt for Jim. Another length of experimental linen. Zeroing in on soy wax as my go-to resist, djanting as my go-to applicator. For this round, I dipped my two items in the indigo pot three times each. More dips is how you get deeper color with indigo. T-shirt I’m trying to be more […]

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More indigo: t-shirts

[1] Jim hates sleeveless shirts because he thinks his arms are too skinny, but warm days and gym workouts demanded more than his single 1980s Cayman Islands souvenir shirt. And it became another excuse for me to play. We bought some white shirts. Best result: doodling in melted soy wax with a djanting–an Indonesian “pen” […]

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Decolourant: more play

I mentioned carving stamps as play, then I used a couple simple ones with soy wax as I prepared for indigo-day. By today, I had read enough book chapters and watched enough videos to try the Jacquard decolourant I ordered some time ago. (It used to be called “discharge paste” but I guess people thought […]

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Indigo daze

After puzzling through a maze of dyes and resists, yesterday was the day to go indigo. I allowed myself the luxury of a “purification ritual” — cleaning up the outdoor workshop and annointing it with peppermint spray to drive away the spiders. The space, if not sacred, at least has to be respectable. Even though […]

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Dye Painting. Meh.

Today was doodle day on my experimental yard of linen. I went through my winter sketchbooks and found some great motifs. I followed instructions for making “complex colors” (adding complements to primaries — blue + orange, red + green, yellow + purple). My blank canvas was ready. I was surprised that my thin dye mixtures […]

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Focus: Dive into Dyeing

One cure for Summer Hyperactivity Disorder is to devote multi-hour chunks to a single project — go deep, get it to a logical stopping point before veering off to the next shiny object. For months I’ve been planning to make a simple shirt from hand-dyed linen. I have the linen. I have the pattern. But […]

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Pillowcase revival

I love working with natural-fiber textiles because they are always game for transformation. They can be colored, patched, turned into quilts, bleached out, overdyed, painted, and relayered into precious new cloth. And, unlike so much art, textiles have purpose. They go to work keeping us warm and turning our abodes into comfortable and pleasing homes. […]

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How to dye with snow, part 2

Continuing from yesterday — After about 18 hours, my layer cake of shirt, snow, and dye looked like this: I have seen instructions to put the textile on top of a screen so that the dye drips through. This may result in sharper patterns and more delineation among the colors, but I’m not sure. Cold […]

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How to dye with snow, part 1

I needed a break from my computer screen and virtual designs, so I’m returning to a fun way to memorialize our January snowfall — snow dyeing. I picked out a white, thrift-store shirt for the project. Here’s the process if you want to give it a try. Like everything I do, it’s a production. Allow […]

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