“Gotta Go” fabric design

I've been laboring away in a course called "The Sellable Sketch." I reached the point where I picked out (1) a style I aspired to ("flowing"), (2) a current trend in fashion ("natural textures"), and (3) an end-user (long-story-short "cosmopolitan"). The challenge now: design a fabric collection -- three or more designs that "go together."… Continue reading “Gotta Go” fabric design

Frances Willard: a chance encounter

Frances Willard, Rest Cottage, 1889

Jim had this old photogravure. Someone was a photograph collector like him. But look closer: a woman sits amid the clutter. Who? I followed up on the only clue: its caption The Den - Rest Cottage. Long story short, the woman is FRANCES WILLARD (1839-1898), feminist, suffragist, and president of the Women's Christian Temperance Union… Continue reading Frances Willard: a chance encounter

Nevada gold mining 1905

Cross-dressing on the old frontier As I was organizing shelves, this set of photos turned up in a box marked "miscellaneous." Some guy took his Kodak Brownie on a gold mining adventure near Goldfield, Nevada -- northwest of Las Vegas, about halfway to Reno. In December 1902 gold was discovered in the hills south of… Continue reading Nevada gold mining 1905