Motifs. Oy.

Taking a Textile Design Lab course Surface Pattern Design Mastery. One of the first exercises is to develop a “dictionary” of motifs that can be used, reused, and modified for future designs. Cool idea. The categories were Floral/Leaves, Geometric, Texture, and Whatever. One week to complete. Floral. I have avoided floral designs because… how can […]

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My Fabric Design Saga

2014. I was all-in on textiles, dyeing, and stitching. Somewhere I heard about Spoonflower (print-on-demand DIY fabric) and (looking at piles of sketches and years of studying Photoshop and Illustrator) thought I can do that! And, yes, I could. Lookout for Attitude in four colorways sprang forth. But then I was seduced by the vibrance […]

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When Your Groove is Gone

I was going to tell you about this online curriculum I signed up for, but I wound up pulling out my diagram of the S-curves of Life.* This is the graphic that reminds us that all our endeavors are riddled with disruptions — no straight lines to success. Comfort zones are temporary. Chaotic transitions are […]

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