Courage to live on the edge

1953. Climbing team after Hermann Buhl summits Nanga Parbat

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that, for the past month, every time I hear a wave crash against our eroding shore, I flinch. I'm hypervigilante and my brain rushes to worst-case scenarios. Is beauty really worth the agita? Can I take another month of cursing the wicked wind of the west? Hermann Buhl,… Continue reading Courage to live on the edge

PASSION & PERIL: on sale

Passion and Peril on the Silk Road

If you understand the passion of collecting, if you are fascinated by the perils of the trade at its most extreme, you’ll love this novel. In 2008, with PASSION AND PERIL ON THE SILK ROAD, I joined the ranks of indie publishers using the innovative Print-on-Demand technology. The novel should have been published by a… Continue reading PASSION & PERIL: on sale

“Headlong” $.99 This Week

If you're in the mood for a short, punchy memoir about normally sensible middle-aged people taking insane risks on a Central Asian roadtrip, HEADLONG is on sale for $.99 this week at Amazon (and also at Easy-to-read Kindle version will keep you company on the go. I published this tale last year to commemorate… Continue reading “Headlong” $.99 This Week