April 1

And thus begins the longest six weeks of the year — when it should be spring, but it won’t be till the lilacs bloom and the garden stores open around Mother’s Day. New Englanders know this as the fifth season — mud season. Mud season is the name given to the period between winter’s end […]

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Mini-thaw is over

We had some rain and a slight thaw — enough to dig out a better path between porch and car before it all turns into icy hardpack. I don’t like Jim trekking out to the newspaper box over a hazardous surface, so I get my boots and crampons on. While I’m out, might as well […]

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Arctic blast continues

At first light this morning, I could see that our ice shelf was re-forming, congealing in the 3-degree air and strong winds out of the northwest. I had to go outside to get the paper (through the path I luckily dug yesterday), so took another picture from the porch. Now — hot coffee poured!

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Socked in

Ontario NY. The roads are plowed. The driveway is plowed and windswept. The newspaper arrived. But that pesky “blowing and drifting” against the west side of our cabin has blocked our way out. Who knew that I’d have to don snowshoes to battle my way off our porch. This made me feel very pioneering. I […]

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