“Desert Wanderer”

My 13th Spoonflower Challenge entry is on the theme of Desert Modernism. The challenge is being held in conjunction with the Modern Phoenix organization. Personally, I was over mid-century modern by 1967, but undoubtedly desert modernism represents a classic era in Arizona architecture and interior design. I thought my best route to success here was… Continue reading “Desert Wanderer”

Reckoning: a humble start

You hear about artists and entertainers "bursting upon the scene" as if they just picked up a brush or a guitar and their genius gushed out. You want to be that person. You walk on stage unrehearsed because you're confident the magic will happen. Haha. I started doing Spoonflower challenges because, if I want to… Continue reading Reckoning: a humble start

Yes, Rockabilly

I was totally going to skip this week's Spoonflower challenge because the theme was "Rockabilly." Give me a break. But, long story short, I found myself with a "vinage modern" palette and a plausible pattern idea. Next thing I knew, I was playing Amazon's "50 Great Rockabilly Songs" playlist and having fun. Whole lotta shakin'… Continue reading Yes, Rockabilly

My Fabric Design Saga

2014. I was all-in on textiles, dyeing, and stitching. Somewhere I heard about Spoonflower (print-on-demand DIY fabric) and (looking at piles of sketches and years of studying Photoshop and Illustrator) thought I can do that! And, yes, I could. Lookout for Attitude in four colorways sprang forth. But then I was seduced by the vibrance… Continue reading My Fabric Design Saga

“Love Potion” Design

I promised to do a fabric design every week in order to really learn the craft. This includes as many Spoonflower challenges as possible. But yikes, the Valentine challenge was due today. Whipping up an effective repeating pattern is no small matter. Hmm, maybe I could use my little wine glass sketch -- it has… Continue reading “Love Potion” Design