Stars over Ontario

3:30 a.m., 16°F. and calm. Coat over pajamas. Hat over headlamp. Crampons over boots. Gloves. Camera on tripod, set to 30 sec., with 16mm lens at f2.8, ISO 1600. The constellation Casseopia is the W in the upper right corner. The standout star near the horizon, left of center is Capella, the biggest and brightest […]

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Gusty day on the edge

26 mph west winds, gusting up to 43 mph. Only a dusting of snow, but I had to brace myself from being blown over. Hard to capture the drama, but you get the idea. The span of ice over the lake disappeared but now thickly covers about a third of our bank. I’m fantasizing that […]

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Be the wind

Assignment: to design a border in Photoshop (i.e., a horizontally repeated pattern printed along the selvage edge of a bolt of fabric) Result: It should have been easy, but nothing worked till I resurrected a 2007 doodle — five off-balance little pencil figures. I put them on a colorful striped design, but continued to torture […]

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Motion over still

7:29 a.m. 0°F. Dawn brings the answer: moving water plays havoc with frozen water. Our once-solid ice bank has been carved out by the night’s wave action. I’m enjoying a fine cup of coffee.

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Cold but not polar

9° F. (-12° C.) As the wind picks up, the waves are crashing over our shelf of ice. I keep watching to see whether the ice shelf will be built up or broken down by the wave action. Meantime, it’s mesmerizing, especially with a little sunshine and a few fluffs of cloud. I did dig […]

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How to dye with snow, part 2

Continuing from yesterday — After about 18 hours, my layer cake of shirt, snow, and dye looked like this: I have seen instructions to put the textile on top of a screen so that the dye drips through. This may result in sharper patterns and more delineation among the colors, but I’m not sure. Cold […]

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How to dye with snow, part 1

I needed a break from my computer screen and virtual designs, so I’m returning to a fun way to memorialize our January snowfall — snow dyeing. I picked out a white, thrift-store shirt for the project. Here’s the process if you want to give it a try. Like everything I do, it’s a production. Allow […]

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